The Indies - A Graphic Novel by Jeremy Kayes

Why would anyone be an artist? Natalie Alistair and her friends are trying to answer that very question.

Once upon a time, there were five friends, all of whom create art but none of whom understand why. They all have jobs and lives outside of their creative pursuits and none of them are particularly successful with their art, yet once a week then band together to share the sheer joy of creative creation. One day, the pressure of the real world cause one of their fold to drift away. If the gang is going to bring her back, they must work together to discover why being artists is too important to abandon.

The Indies is an inspirational adventure for anyone who's ever had to weigh their big artistic dream against the cold logistics of the real world. The Indies shows us that anyone who can make art should and good friends won't ever let them quit.

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May 16th 2015 - Ignite Seattle!

I will be speaking as part of Ignite Seattle 27. My talk is called "Draw a comic. Save the world."

March 28th 2015 - ECCC!

Hello to everyone I met at Emerald City ComiCon this year. If you enjoyed The Indies, please keep in touch!

April 21st 2014 - The Indies available on Amazon

Just about everyone has their Kickstarter copies now, so The Indies is now available on Amazon. That means international shipping is finally an option as well! If you're not ready to buy the beautiful hardcover paper version, you can read the entire story right here for free. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

March 31st 2014 - Kickstarter rewards shipping soon

With Emerald City ComiCon wrapped up, I'm getting started packing up everyone's Kickbacks. I've got all my shipping materials from Uline and I'm learning how to export address labels from the Kickstarter surveys. Thanks to everyone who picked up their book personally at ECCC or at a Sicaga meet. Everyone else, I'm hoping to have your books and everything shipped out this weekend. Folks who got original drawings, that might take a little longer since I need to draw you stuff!

Buying The Indies online

This is my last big chore, after I ship out all the Kickstarter rewards. I'll be setting up a store right here where you can buy the book with BitCoin, and I'll be registering it on Amazon, both to buy and to download on Kindle. I'm also hoping to find a national distributor, but that task is so complicated and becoming less and less relevant in the digital age, but I'm curious to learn what can be done.

About The Indies

The Indies is a comic book about following your dreams and never giving up. You can read it for free right here, pick up a copy at this years Emerald City Comic Con, or jump in and support the kickstarter! While you're here, be sure to download the free Wallpaper or ask the gang a question on Tumblr, or like us on Facebook!

With the Kickstarter successful, we'll be taking the book to Emerald City Comic Con! Immediately after that, it'll be time to send books for all our Kickstarter backers. If you have any questions about the status, you can reach Jer at

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